Silk Screen Printing

Brandywine Graphics LLC offers direct screen printing with state of the art equipment. Using the latest silk screen printing technologies, we make sure each garment we print meets the highest quality standards.  Offering up to 8-color silk screening, we use both plastisol inks & water-based and the chemicals we use are all soy and citrus based, making them environmentally friendly and sustainable for the environment.

Generally we print garments such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and athletic uniforms, but we also can do tote & gym bags, nylon jackets, and other items. We have total control over all facets of our in house operation for your job whether it is a dozen caps or a thousand piece t-shirt order that we run out at speeds that can exceed 200 shirts an hour.
We can turn around big and small orders alike within 10 business days or less after art proofs have been approved and finalized. If you’ve never ordered before, or if you order on a regular basis, please take a moment to go over the Screen Printing Art Requirements section to get the best possible service.

Art Requirements:
Acceptable “camera ready” artwork formats include:
Adobe Illustrator files as .ai or .eps in CS6 or older version, with fonts converted to outlines.
PDF files, fonts must be in outline format.
.psd files prepared in Photoshop CS6 or earlier version are usable if the resolution is 300 to 300 dpi at final print size, with fonts rasterized, and the art in layers.
Other usable formats; .tif, jpg, or even .png & .gif files if they are 300 to 300dpi at the final printed size. The larger the image the better!  We can resize the image to print size.

Art that is not set up to the specifications listed above will incur a $50 hourly preparation fee with a minimum charge of $25.00. Your art is  redesigned for in house use to give you the best product possible.  All art files, digital renderings, films, screens, etc. are the sole property of Brandywine Graphics, and all rights are reserved under copyright law.

Screen Exposure...
Screen printing begins by creating the artwork, which is comprised of a piece of clear film that has the image to be printed in black. The screen is created by stretching thin but durable fabric over a wood frame. The fabric is then coated with a light sensitive emulsion. The film is taped to the screen and exposed to a bright light. The dark areas of the film block the light from hitting the areas of the screen that are to print, and the transparent areas allow a photo-chemical reaction to harden the emulsion. When the screen is rinsed with water the emulsion washes out of the areas that are intended to print. The screen is then clamped into a frame that holds it steady while printing. Ink is forced through the fabric by the use of a rubber bar, called a "squeegee", that is pulled across the stencil, and the shirt is held in place by adhering it to a flat board with spray adhesive. Once the inks have been applied to the shirt is placed on a conveyor belt that cycles it through a dryer. The dryer fuses the components of the ink together, causing it to become "cured" and durable.
Simple Spot...
The most prevalent technique for color reproduction involves the use of a separate screen for each color to be reproduced.
Dark Shirts...
If the images are to be printed on darker garments a thicker coat of ink will occasionally suffice to yield the desired opacity. More often, shirt printers will use and 'underprint' to provide an opaque base for the colors that follow to lay on top of. This 'underprint' must be dried during the printing process to keep the following colors from becoming contaminated and to maintain opacity. This step is called 'flashing' and involves the use of in-line infrared heating units

Not only do we make sure the print job is fantastic

We make sure all aspects of the order are correct, from quantities and colors, to shipping information and special instructions. No order is too large or too small, we never charge setup fees, and our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry.

Screen printing is available for a wide range of garments, as well as promotional items. For your convenience, we provide drop shipping and blind shipping, and most orders are completed as soon as 6-10 days.

Email us at or call us today at 207-223-3918 for more info on our contract silk screen printing services.